Silver Diamond Girl Charm


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A customer can choose this silver diamond girl charm to add to one of our leather bracelets. Think of Me Charms are embellished with cubic zirconia stones carefully set by Italian Craftsmen. Our craftsmen design a wonderful mix of class and sparkle so the silver and diamond simulant stones compliment one another.

Lauryn rose have adopted a psychology behind our charm collection. Each piece of beautiful jewellery can spark an emotion or a reminder of family, friends and loved ones. When a customer sees or touches their new silver diamond girl it reminds them how lucky they are. A customer can experience a sort of mindfulness and a reminder to slow down and reflect on the important things in life.

Silver Diamond Girl Charm

Lauryn Rose jewellery is hand crafted in high grade sterling silver and hallmarked for authenticity and peace of mind. Our silver diamond girl charm is rhodium plated for durability and the appearance of white gold. A Lady with sensitive skin will enjoy our jewellery as it adheres to the recent EU Directive.


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Daughter, Mother

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