Silver Charm Pendant with Diamond Boy




Customers can purchase this silver charm pendant in the Lauryn Rose online store. Italian craftsmen created the pendant with cubic zirconia stones which sparkle like a real diamond. We only use high grade sterling silver so you can experience the feel of luxury on your skin.

Silver Charm Pendant

In partnership LauraLynn Children’s Hospice Lauryn Rose donate 10% of each sale to this worthy cause.

All our jewellery is hand crafted with rhodium plating providing greater durability and the appearance of white gold. An assay office representative checks all our charms and will confirm the quality of each piece while also confirming the high quality of the metals used. Our designs include jewellery that is anti allergenic giving extra peace of mind for customers with sensitive skin.

A customer service representative will ensure your order is received by free next day delivery. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with a 60 day money back guarantee.

Philip Marks is the founder of Lauryn Rose and is determined to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We have put the customer at the centre and do our best to meet every demand.

Caroline McElroy, Brand Ambassador with Lauryn Rose, explains that our story originates from a Mother, Camilla, who had a near miss on the Motorway. Camilla decided to review her behaviour because she was thinking about her daughter. With the charms one glance or feel of them on your skin spark a reminder of loved ones and how lucky we are to have them. Camilla has a very compelling story which is a simple and moving reminder. Charms are a stimulus to cue behaviour that will support wellbeing and harmony. In Camilla’s case her new charm representing her daughter encouraged her to slow down, take a breath and centre herself.

We all face adversity in our every day lives so during tough times people close to us can say Think of Me. Lauryn Rose charms also represent times of joy like the birth of a child, communion, confirmation, the passing of an exam, getting a new job or simply coming of age. 

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Father, Husband, Son

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