Anchor Charms

Silver Anchor Charm


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Besides from the obvious nautical symbolism behind a silver anchor charm, there is a great message of strength and stability that can be found in the giving and wearing of such a design. If you or somebody you know has been through a difficult or long journey and has come out on the other side in a positive way, then what better way to celebrate this success than with a gift of a stunning anchor charm? Available in both silver and silver with CZ stones for added bling and glamour, we’re sure this small, sentimental anchor is destined to become one of our very best sellers.

Silver Anchor Charm

Alongside the deep and meaningful symbolism, it’s safe to say that the anchor charm is a design that has dominated both high end and high street fashion for some years, and it’s about time there were more jewellery accessories to match. A symbol of strength, a symbol of courage, it’s also a symbol of somebody who knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to fashion. It’s really a win/win situation! If you think the anchor charm could be the one for you, then don’t hesitate to snap it up.

This charm collection is made from he very finest 925 sterling silver.