Lurex Rosegold Pearl Bracelet

Lurex Rosegold Pearl Bracelet

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If you want to look good and feel great our new limited edition Lurex Rosegold Pearl Bracelet is an Irish Designed Italian made super soft non allergenic piece of jewellery.. Dress Up or Dress Down any outfit with these eye catching and unique pieces. You will stand out from the crowd or feel good by buying the Perfect Gift for family, friends or loved ones. We donate 10% to LauraLynn Children’s Hospice so your new jewellery is the gift that keeps on giving. Buy Now for next day delivery in our luxurious and unique gift wrapping that goes hand in hand with our luxurious brand. Don’t miss out, look like a Princess and Buy Now.

Lurex is high-tech textile product, developed as the result of two previously well-tested processes which include high vacum technology and high polymer technology.

Lurex Rosegold Pearl Bracelet

For the past 70 years, Lurex has been a premier brand for metallic yarns resulting in a true guarantee of quality to customers. In the past thirty years, the company’s two slogans have been “Adds a new brilliance to fashion”, and “Yarns made for designers”. Aurora lurex is the ideal match between Lurex and the wonderful world of jewellery. It does not tarnish, is resistant, soft, non allergenic and above all affordable.

The craftsmanship of the Italian goldsmith tradition and the consolidated experience in the production of metalled yarns combine each other in AuroraLurez. This is and elegant, refined and exclusive collection. At the same time extremely soft and affordable.

Aurora Lurex Rosegold Pearl Bracelet versatility is not only in the wearing, but also the ability to combine lurex fabric with different metals ( silver, steel, bronze and brass ) creating specific jewels. Besides the quality of the jewel which is soft and smooth conforming to the body shape but these pieces do not tarnish and are non allergenic. The fabric is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, including REACH and CSPIA, ensuring safety in wearing our jewellery.
The fabric is certified by Oeko-Text Standard 100, including REACH and CSPIA, ensuring safety in wearing our jewellery.

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