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Spotlight on Our Bestsellers

Spotlight on Our Bestsellers If you are sat at your computer reading our blog, then I think we are safe in assuming that you are a regular customer at Lauryn Rose. Firstly, we’d like to thank you for your loyalty and your interest! Secondly, we think that you deserve to have something in our collection […]

Jewellery Gifts for Graduation

Jewellery Gifts for Graduation: The Perfect Commemorative Piece Here at Lauryn Rose, we are dedicated to creating products and accessories that are going to be able to signify and celebrate milestones and focal points in a person’s life. Jewellery can be gifted for so many different occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries to engagements and beyond, […]

Our Customers Love Us | Number One On Independent Review Platform TrustPilot

Our Customers Love Us – Number One On Independent Review Platform TrustPilot It would be fair to say that in these modern days where online shopping is starting to dominate over taking a trip to the shops, there are occasions when you have a retail experience with an internet vendor that completely fails you in […]


Jewellery If your mum is anything like any of the mums of the team here at Lauryn Rose, then she will have a piece of jewellery and matching accessories for every single occasion under the sun! This can sometimes make the art of gift buying very difficult, because you know that she would love a […]

‘Drop A Hint’ Facility

‘Drop A Hint’ Facility Ladies, it’s a feeling that we have all experienced before, without a doubt! That feeling when a big occasion is coming up, maybe a birthday, maybe Christmas, maybe an anniversary … and even though you love your partner to bits, the fact of the matter is that he is notoriously terrible […]

Personalised Necklaces

Personalised Necklaces : Here at Lauryn Rose, this is where we think the wonder of personalisation can come in to play. With only a finite amount of options when it comes to the types of gifts that people can buy for their mothers, the only way to make sure that your gift is a one in […]

Gift Cards

Gift Cards for buying jewellery is one of the most popular forms of gift giving for all of your nearest and dearest who like to enhance their style and fashion with a healthy show of bling each and every day! Whether it’s your mother, sister, daughter, aunt or girlfriend, boyfriend, life partner, friend or dad, they […]

Perfect Jewellery Gifts

Perfect Jewellery Gifts They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and whilst we certainly agree with this statement, the truth is that not everyone can afford to bathe in the glory of their own diamond collection. However, just because you can’t have the kinds of pieces that you see on the red carpets […]

Free Engraving Service

Free Engraving Service Here at Lauryn Rose, although we absolutely love every single one of the stunning pieces that we have to offer, we can also totally understand that some people often worry about their jewellery being ‘too popular’ and therefore widely owned, widely worn and wildly unoriginal. Although we like to think that our […]

Upcoming Anniversary Gift

Upcoming Anniversary? If you are lucky enough to have someone special in your life, then you will be more than familiar with the sudden surge of panic that arises when you realise than your anniversary is coming up and you need to find the perfect gift to show your partner just how much you love them. […]