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How Your Jewellery Can Serve As a Reminder of Something Much Bigger Than Fashion

When people think of jewellery, they often see it as something purely aesthetic, just accessories to buy and wear that either go with a particular outfit or simply look pretty on their own. However, here at Lauryn Rose we think there is more to it. Especially when it comes to our Think of Me range: […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Buying Jewellery as a Gift for Someone Else

If you have ever been tasked with buying a jewellery gift for a friend or family member, you know just how difficult it can be. There are so many different styles, designs and types that it can be difficult to narrow your choice down to just a single piece. You don’t want to choose a […]

A Lauryn Rose Debate: Leaf or Feather?

The Significance of a Piece of Jewellery Designs in jewellery are often much more significant than simply something pretty and aesthetically pleasing. When we produce a new pair of earrings or necklace pendant, we want our customers to feel a strong, meaningful connection to the design that they choose. Of course, our aim is to […]

Jewellery Stores Online

Jewellery stores online are becoming more and more popular in Ireland with the growth of people moving online to do their shopping. The Jewellery Industry The ecommerce jewellery industry has a global market value of approx €150 billion and this is expected to grow at a rate of 5-6% each year, totaling €250 billion by […]

What’s keeping jewellery brands around the world so chuffed?

This year, jewellery brands are celebrating a new trend and it is all about sentiments, emotions, love, and good vibes. Sentimental jewellery is having a moment in the international jewellery scene and why not! We are surely the most privileged generation when it comes to luxury, communication, and accessibility but also the most exhausted one […]

Making a Difference – Jewellery Shops that Believe in Giving Back

This New Year, we are feeling proud of the way jewellery shops around the world are coming forward to do more than just selling. For them, jewellery is not only about style but bringing a change. Here are our favourite jewellery shops that do good: Linhardt Design is one of the most popular jewellery shops […]

Is Your Jewellery Organizer Christmas-Ready?

This Christmas, your jewellery organizer must look as festive as the rest of the house so that when you reach out to pick a piece – it’s ready to provide just the perfect thing. The dress, the dinner, the conversations, the holiday cheer, and the photographs – jewellery adds to our celebrations in more ways […]

What’s bringing traditional jewellery stores online?

Have you ever walked by a jewellery store and looked into the window to spot a stunning piece that lured you in? We all enjoy going out and experience jewellery shopping the good old way but there is something even more inspiring that’s bringing traditional jewellery stores online. From the biggest and the best fine […]

5 Jewellery Trends from Our Favourite Fashion Jewellery Stores

Feeling dazzled among countless jewellery fads? Here’s how you can brush up on your trend knowledge by taking tips from top fashion jewellery stores. Who do you think spends the most time around jewellery? Who is connected to millions of thoughtful shoppers? And who are the people who stay updated about of-the-moment jewellery designs? We are […]

How to: Buy Jewellery online this Christmas

We, at Lauryn Rose, believe that holiday season is best celebrated with jewellery that add to the festivities. But with countless Google results and online boutiques on your screen, finding the right festive pieces can become an overwhelming task. Here are a few thoughts to light your way to a wonderful jewellery shopping experience around Christmas […]