Infinity Charm




The infinity charm is a symbol that can mean lots of things to lots of different people, but the fantastic part is that all of these meanings are hugely positive. Generally accepted in most cultures as a sign of something endless, in charm form this can be given as a gift to represent things like friendship, love, commitment, ambition, the list goes on and on!

Infinity Charm

Available in beautiful rose gold and with a further option of rose gold accompanied by sparkling CZ stones, our infinity charm is one of our very favourites here at Lauryn Rose; a charm that can be exchanged between friends, lovers, family members, the possibilities are quite literally infinite! What we particularly love about the infinity symbol is that along with carrying a wonderful, positive meaning, the actual shape of the symbol is one that lends itself so well to jewellery and fashion design. The wonderful curves of the flowing, horizontal figure of eight work well with any style or look, and we know that customers will enjoy the variety of choice between plain rose gold and shimmering CZ. No matter what the occasion, an infinity symbol is always a great choice.

Italian made these charms are made using high grade 925 sterling silver.