House Charm




Of all the locations in the world, from luxury resorts to fantastic restaurants and venues, the saying remains strong, there really is no place like home so we introduce the house charm. We have encapsulated the feeling of always taking a little piece of home wherever you go with this wonderful classic house shape charm, available in plain rhodium as well as rhodium enhanced with a stunning set of CZ stones. There is something ageless and timeless about the design of this delicate house charm, one of the most instantly recognisable shapes and something that we all know how to draw and how to understand from an early age.

House Charm

The house charm can make for a perfect gift in a variety of circumstances. For the friend who is about to purchase their very first house, for the child who is about to leave for college and wants a reminder that home is where the heart is, or a gift for yourself as you congratulate yourself on making a successful move, the representations and meanings are endless. And not to mention, we happen to think the house charm is one of the best uses of CZ that we have!