Cat Charm




Anyone who has ever owned a cat will love our new cat charm and will be able to tell you that they really are unlike any other creatures in the world. How can an animal so nonchalant, so casual by nature, make you fall so hopelessly in love with the slightest glance? If only we knew their secrets! Something that is no secret to us, however, is the fact all cat lovers like nothing more than to own a themed item or two, so why not pick up this stunning charm as part of your ever-growing collection?

Cat Charm

Made in rose gold and rose gold with CZ stones to differentiate from our silver dog charms, this simple cat design packs a lot of personality into a small shape, no matter what breed you own, you’ll be able to recognise something of your own kitty in the cute outline! Ask any little girl what they favourite animal is and you can be sure that a large percentage will say kittens, so what better way to celebrate this than by giving the gift of a shiny little cat of their very own to add to their Lauryn Rose charm bracelet?

Cats are now seen as part of the family so buy a bracelet and choose a cat charm to represent what is important to you.