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Enhance the Beauty of White Gold Jewellery

If you are someone who only thinks of themselves as a casual jewellery owner, picking on sight preference alone rather than anything to do with precious metal type of quality, then it might be fair to assume that white gold isn’t something you have ever given much thought to before. Here at Lauryn Rose, you wouldn’t believe how many people get in touch with us mistaking white gold for silver and vice versa! A classy alternative to the type that you might be more familiar with like yellow and rose gold, white gold is an alloy of pure gold, mixed with metals like silver or palladium to produce a really beautiful and unique silvery white finish. We love white gold just as much as yellow or rose, to prove it here are a few reasons why white gold jewellery it is great, plus a few ways to enhance its already blooming beauty.

Upcoming Birthday Gift Ideas
White Gold Bar Necklace with Free Engraving

White Gold Jewellery

One of the best ways that we offer customers to make their white gold jewellery that little bit more special is the opportunity to have them engraved. This is a completely free of charge service that you can opt in for at checkout, and many of our spectacular white gold purchases are perfect candidates for this feature. Some of our more popular include:

Free Engraving Service

This is a beautiful piece in our geometric collection this is the ideal shape and size for engraving. Resting on the chest in a horizontal fashion, the white gold bar presents itself as the perfect surface for inscribing a name, date or short message that has special and personal meaning to you.

White Gold Bar Necklace
White Gold Bar Necklace

Or if you prefer jewellery with more rounded edges and appearance, then there is the circular disc option. Made from the same beautiful white gold, this necklace gives a slightly softer look overall, and although the surface area isn’t quite as perfect for engraving as the bar, it is still a good choice for a single first name, or a date that signifies something like a birthday or an anniversary.

Free Engraving
Sterling Silver Disc
  1. Trendy with Celebs

When it comes to the must haves, it’s all about turning to the celebrities in society to see what they are rocking. Of course, it’s no surprise to see that plenty of A listers love white gold!

Some have even followed down our suggested route of personalised white gold jewellery. None other than Kim Kardashian was once spotted wearing a white gold bar necklace that featured her daughter’s name, North. If it’s good enough for Kim K, then it’s definitely good enough for all Lauryn Rose customers, right?


White gold has also proven to be a very popular engagement and wedding band choice for the rich and famous of the world. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra recently tied the knot, and her ring was an enormous and stunning princess cut diamond on a white gold band. Nick’s brother Joe followed suit with a diamond encrusted white gold ring for his bride, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner!