T-Bar or Not T Bar Gold Necklace? That Is the Question

Here at Lauryn Rose, we are incredibly proud of all of the wonderful pieces of jewellery that we have on offer for our customers, but there is one particular piece that has fast become a favourite of both staff and clients alike, and that is the amazing T-bar necklace!

What is a T-bar, we hear some of you ask? Well, sit back and please let us fill you in! Here is a little guide to everything T-bar, including what they are, what they mean, and how you can style them to look your absolute best!

What Is A T Bar Gold Necklace?

A T-bar necklace is a beautiful piece of jewellery that boasts a unique and traditional feeling design. Inspired by the old design of an Albert watch chain, there is something really pleasing and timeless about a T-bar necklace that other pieces of jewellery just cannot match up to.

The theory is that this piece of jewellery existed as a way for women to emulate some of the style and elegance that men had with their handsome pocket watches, in the form of a really attractive and unusual necklace instead. Whilst pocket watches might not be so much of a trend anymore in the modern world, we are happy to say that the T-bar is still very much in the hearts and minds jewellery lovers across the world.

There is no doubt that it is a timeless design that will continue to be loved and revered for many generations to come.

T Bar Gold Necklace
T Bar Gold Necklace

What Can You Wear with A T Bar Gold Necklace?

The real beauty and excellence of a T-bar necklace is in the fact that it is so versatile. An interesting and standout design no doubt, but still neutral enough to be put to good use in both casual and formal settings.

There aren’t many pieces of jewellery that can look just as good on a normal day at work and at a fancy function later in the evening.

In terms of clothing, we always recommend a low cut top with a T-bar necklace just so you can really make the most of the beauty and simplicity of the pendant itself. You want to make sure that the T-bar has plenty of uninterrupted room on your chest to shine and make a statement. Something we think is worth noting is that a T-bar necklace usually does better as the only pendant hanging at any given time. Some necklace designs benefit from layering with other jewellery, but a T-bar is much more effective on its own as the standout piece.



Where Can You Get A T Bar Necklace?

You didn’t think we’d tell you so much about them if you couldn’t get them right here, did you? We have a beautiful example of a classic T-bar in the online store, fashioned from luxurious 9 carat gold.

With a chain length of 46cm and a pendant size of 25mm by 2.1mm, it is just the perfect size.

Put it on your wishlist!