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Why Your Next Piece Should Be Rose Gold Jewellery

If you are someone who likes to stay on top of all the different jewellery trends that come in and out of fashion as the years go by, then it’s highly likely that you will have come across a rose gold piece or two in your time! Rose gold jewellery has been around for a long, long time, but it definitely feels like in the last five years or so it has really risen through the ranks to now be regarded in the same category as traditional yellow gold and silver. Here at Lauryn Rose, we are well on top of this trend, and as you can see from our extensive collections, we love rose gold just as much as any other type of precious metal, perhaps even a little bit more! It’s the hot thing right now and that is why your next piece of jewellery should be a rose gold. Here are some of our most popular rose gold jewellery pieces for your consideration!

Rose Gold Jewellery

  1. Rose Gold Bar Necklace

Geometric jewellery has been a huge trend for a while not, so why not combine the two hottest trends in to one beautiful piece? This rose gold necklace is fashioned in a pleasing horizontal bar shape that rest on the chest is a fashionable way. If you want to go the extra mile and really make it personal, you can take advantage of the free engraving service we offer during the purchase process. This particular piece is probably the most popular engraving choice that we offer due to its shape. Perfect for birthdays or Christmas!

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Rose gold Bar Necklace
  1. Single Rose Gold Bracelet

There is something really luxurious and beautiful about rose gold jewellery on a person’s wrist, and this bracelet evokes the perfect amount of luxury whilst also being casual enough to be an everyday wear item. It can be worn as a naked chain bracelet or you can choose from some of our beautiful charms to make a more personalised and special piece. No matter what direction you choose to take it, the rose gold of the bracelet will always stand out in a stunning way.

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Think of Me Rosegold Charm Bracelet
  1. Rose Gold Infinity Pendant

The infinity symbol is one that can carry a lot of different meaning depending on how you choose to interpret it. It could allude to an everlasting love, a best friendship, or you might just enjoy the aesthetic of the shape! What thing that isn’t up for discussion, though, is how beautiful the necklace is in rose gold with a stunning set of stones dotted across the body of the infinity symbol. This is the kind of necklace that is perfect for special occasions or even festival fashion!

Rose Gold Infinity Bracelet
Rose Gold Infinity Bracelet
  1. Rose Gold Stacking Ring

Let’s not forget about rings! The perfect thing about this stacking ring is that you effectively get two rings for the price of one thanks to its design! The beautiful double stacked design with intricately studded stones is real talking point, and it can be worn on any finger without looking out of place or too much.

Rose Gold Ladder Ring