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Trend Alert – We Are Wearing More Gold Jewellery

In the world of fashion and accessories, it’s fair to say that everything is completely dictated by the new and exciting trends of each season. What was in last year might be completely out the next, and it can be very hard to keep up! Here at Lauryn Rose, though, one thing that we can absolutely promise will never go out of style is gold! Gold jewellery has always been the favourite accessory of women across the world ever since the precious metal was utilised in such a way and believe us when we say that it shows no signs of slowing! In fact, it might be hard to believe but in the last couple of years we have actually noticed an even bigger enthusiasm from our customers for gold jewellery in all kinds from necklaces to rings to bracelets and beyond. Outside of the usual reasons, let’s take a little look at why we are all suddenly wearing so much yellow gold jewellery!

9 Carat Gold L Pendant
9 Carat Gold L Pendant

Gold Jewellery

  • 90s Style

We don’t know if you have noticed, but the facts are that fashion and clothing has taken a few interesting and extravagant turns in the last few years! Everything in fashion is cyclical, and there has been a distinct turn back to the style of the 1990s both on catwalks and in casual street wear across the world. Of course, gold jewellery was arguably even more popular in the 90s than it is right now, so it isn’t hard to see why yellow gold is starting to come back in a big way. You might not be after a big chunky gold chain like the most famous 90s rappers had, but there is definitely something about 90s style clothing that suits the inclusion of one or two gold pieces in your everyday looks.

White Gold Disc Necklace
White Gold Disc Necklace
  • Neutral

To add to that, this new generation of fashion can be quite out there and loud at times. Compared to some other kinds of jewellery choices like sparkled out bling, gold is now being seen as a pleasant neutral accessory that can balance out the over the top nature of some outfits. Gold earrings or a gold bracelet up against the popular neon style colours of the current fashion trends can be a very mellowing and warming addition to your overall look.

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Rose gold Bar Necklace
  • Classy

At the end of the day, we can experiment all we like with our clothing and style, but we always want to look classy above it all! The one thing that you can always rely on gold to do is help you stay within those levels of acceptability when it comes to taste levels. Many people regard their gold jewellery as the thing that grounds their outfit choices in some sort of class, and you only need to have a browse through our beautiful collections to see that this is definitely the case.

Gold Double Disc

Whether you want gold to balance out your crazy 90s inspired outfit or you want something to look classy at a special occasion, the great thing is that it is does the job for both ends of the spectrum!