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Our Free Engraving Service for Personalised Jewellery

If you are looking to buy a gift for a loved one, whether it be for Christmas or a birthday or an anniversary or any other type of occasion, then there is no doubt that jewellery is always a classic choice! A beautiful necklace or bangle is always going to be appreciated by its recipient, but what about when you can make a beautiful gift even more special? The way that we like to do that here at Lauryn Rose is our free engraving of personalised jewellery service!

Free Engraving Service

  • When browsing our online store, you will notice that certain items across our ranges offer the chance for free engraving. This will be entirely dependent on what type of design the piece is, how much of a flat surface area it has etc. Engraving obviously is most effective when jewellery has enough space to allow it!

  • If you find an item that you love and want to have it personalised for you or for the person you are buying for, then all you need to do is add it to your basket and follow the simple instructions once you get to the checkout process. We’ve made sure that it is all laid out in a simple and easy to navigate manner.

  • When it comes to what types of things are best for engraving, we always suggest that short and simple is the best way to go. Some of our lovely pieces are perfect for a date, perhaps a birthday or an anniversary, others are slightly ‘longer’ in their design and are therefore ideal for a name or a short message, a classic ‘I love you”, something like that!
Personalised Gold Necklaces
Personalised Gold Necklaces
  • If you are planning on buying some jewellery for yourself or for a loved one anyway, why not make it completely unique and add a customised element completely free of charge?

‘Drop A Hint’ Facility

If you are looking for some inspiration, then here are a couple of our most popular pieces for engraving:


There is nothing more fashionable at the moment than rose gold! This beautiful and simple necklace is perfect for engraving a name or short message, and the wearer can decide whether they want to have the engraving showing outwards for everyone to see or inwards for a private gift.

Jewellery Gifts for Graduation
rose gold bar necklace

Discs are a shape that are always going to be in style and always going to match an outfit, and this stunning white gold pendant is perfect for engraving something like a date that means something special: a birthday, an anniversary, anything that holds a special place in the heart.

RoseGold Vertical Bar Necklace

You will notice that many of our items in the online store have the option of free engraving personalised jewellery. This is always a completely free of charge feature, and it is one that we really think you should get involved with! Here is a little bit more information about our free engraving service, complete with some recommendations of items that we think fit the bill best!