Amethyst Charm Boy Pendant with Rose Gold is the Perfect Pick to wear by day or by night.




Customers can buy our Amethyst Charm Boy Pendant with rose gold and a sparkling cubic zirconia stone boy shaped charm. Lauryn Rose amethyst pendant is a wonderful mix of rich colours. Starting with a rose gold pendant and is complimented by vibrant purple amethyst beads. Your new amethyst bead bracelet is finished with a sparkling rose gold boy silhouette.

Amethyst Charm Boy Pendant

Lauryn Rose designed the Think of Me Collection to spark a reminder of family, friends and loved ones. Human Psychology behind Think of Me charms is that the touch or feel of an inanimate object will draw an emotion.

We partnered up with a family run Italian company who hand make these 100% Irish designed pendants and necklaces. Our charms vary from boys to girls and we will soon introduce hearts, homes and pets.

LauraLynn Children’s Hospice receive 10% of every sale of our Think of Me Charm collection so you can look good while feeling great. Our Customer service agent will ensure FREE next day delivery.

Philip Marks is the founder of Lauryn Rose and Lauryn Rose is the name of his daughter who passed away at the age of one.

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Amethyst, Rose Gold

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