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9 Cart Gold C Pendant


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9 Cart Gold C Pendant

Carol, Carly, Cynthia, Celine, no matter what kind of C you are, this pendant is the perfect piece of jewellery for you! Crafted from beautiful 9 carat yellow gold the initial pendant measures 12mm in height and 8mm in width, just right for resting on the chest in a flattering fashion. The curving edge of the 9 carat gold C pendant is highlighted with some lovely cubic zirconia stones that take it from being just a piece of gold jewellery to something extra, something with a bling factor that steal attention!

9 Cart Gold C Pendant

There is something about yellow gold that is completely and utterly timeless. Silver and rose gold come in and out of fashion, but there is no doubt that gold is always going to be at the top of the popularity ladder. If you are someone who gets nervous about wearing too much gold, then this 9 carat gold C pendant is the perfect piece for you because the sparkling stones help to bring to a new dimension to the design, something a little bit more youthful and vibrant that will suit your modern sensibilities.

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