9 Carat Gold S Pendant

9 Carat Gold S Pendant


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9 Carat Gold S Pendant – One of the things that we love the most about initial letter pendants is that there are so many different meanings that you can choose from when buying one. This S, for example, is great for the Sarahs, Sonias, and Staceys of the world, but what if you wanted it to stand for something empowering like sext, superwoman, or strong instead? There are no rules when it comes to putting your own spin on the meaning and sentimentality of jewellery, so the world really is your oyster!

Fashioned from 9 carat yellow gold and featuring a prominent scattering of beautiful cubic zirconia stones right in the middle of the letter, this S is something that can really stand out from the crowd even with its fairly diminutive 7mm by 13mm size. 9 Carat Gold S Pendant and Gold Jewellery like this doesn’t need to be big in order to make an impact, and we promise that people will be more inquisitive about the S on your chest than any other accessory you have ever worn!

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