9 Carat Gold M Pendant


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9 Carat Gold M Pendant – For all those Marys, Mandys, Mollys, and Maggies out there, this beautiful yellow gold pendant is the perfect way to celebrate yourself in a fashionable way. With 9 carats and a handful of beautiful stones to catch the light, this kind of accessory makes for the perfect gift or the perfect self treat.

9 Carat Gold M Pendant

More than most other letters in the alphabet, M has more lines to work with, and this makes it one of the more interesting additions to this alphabetical collection! The sparkling cubic zirconia stones have been set on the second line of the letter, and there is something about this choice that just feel perfect in a design sense.

Slightly larger than some of the other letters which are 10mm by 11mm, this M pendant can really be a stand out piece of jewellery for you. There are some people who believe that lettered jewellery can come across as tacky or juvenile, but would the likes of Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and The City ever allow herself to be described as such? No, we don’t think so, so it this kind of accessory is good enough for Carrie, then it is certainly good enough for all of us!

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