9 Carat Gold L Pendant

9 Carat Gold L Pendant


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9 Carat Gold L Pendant

Are you a Laura, or a Lorraine, or a Lizzy, or maybe a Laverne? No matter what your own personal L stands for, the main thing is that we think you need a beautiful pendant to really show off your initials! These types of necklaces have been popular for decades, and thanks to the effortlessly stylish Sarah Jessica Parker and her signature Carrie necklace in Sex and The City, they show no signs of slowing even years after that iconic show ended!

9 Carat Gold L Pendant

This particular necklace is crafted from timeless 9 carat yellow gold, and boasts a beautiful, blinging line of cubic zirconia stones done the vertical line of the L to add that extra touch of sparkle that we all need once in a while. The pendant itself measures 7mm by 12mm so it isn’t over imposing at all but is still big enough to make for an interesting centrepiece on your chest. We love it when your jewellery can really say something about you are a person and have a personal connection, and there is nothing more personal than a piece that signifies your own name!

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