Special Valentines Jewellery that won’t break your budget this Christmas

Valentines, there’s not doubting that it is one of the most wonderful and magical times of the year, but as each year ticks by and more and more commercialisation happens, there is also no doubting that it can be a huge financial burden on yours and your family’s lives! Here are Lauryn Rose, we don’t believe that anyone should have to sacrifice their enjoyment of the holiday season because they don’t think they can afford it, and that is exactly why we have a huge and varied collection of sale items available right now, just in time for filling in those Santa list requests!

Valentines Jewellery

You can’t get more classic in terms of a beloved Valentines gift than a stunning piece of jewellery, and not every item has to be bank breaking in order to be exquisite! Just one look at out special offers section and you will see exactly what we mean. To give you some gift buying inspiration, here are some examples of our very best sale items, available right now at Lauryn Rose!

  1. Rose Gold Leaf Necklace

Rose gold is just as on trend this Valentines as it was last year; it’s a fashion statement that shows no signs of slowing! This stunning and delicate leaf design pendant would make for a beautiful addition to any valentines jewellery collection. Fun fact, some of our customers in the past have purchased it believing that the design is actually a feather, so that just goes to show you the versatility that the piece has!

Valentines Jewellery
Rosegold Leaf Necklace
  1. Gold Amethyst and Green Aventurine Stone Earrings

Valentines is definitely a time that calls for statement jewellery to show off at festive gatherings, and these stunning earrings certainly fit the bill! The green and purple stones complement each other perfectly, almost evoking a class and sophistication linked with the traditional colours of Wimbledon! The delightful cluster design is unconventional, but the choice of stones is classic. It’s the best kind of contrast!

Dark Amethyst Green Aventurine Earrings
  1. Black Leather Silver Boy Charm Bracelet

Perhaps your or your loved one prefers a more down to earth, rustic approach to valentines jewellery? With this charm bracelet, you swap the sparkle of stone for a sturdy double looped leather bracelet, elevated by the presence of a cute silver boy charm. We think that that is the perfect gift for a new mother, or actually, a mother of any age! You don’t have to have a brand new baby to want to celebrate your motherhood, right? This is the kind of piece that is perfect for more casual, everyday wearing.

Black Leather Bracelet with Silver Boy Charm
Black Leather Bracelet with Silver Boy Charm
  1. Silver Gold Plated Ring With Oval Olive Stone

Olive isn’t a colour that you see a lot in jewellery, and this is what makes this statement ring so special. With a gold plated band and huge central stone to catch the light, you certainly get your money’s worth with this creation! The best word to describe this ring is eye-catching, and that is certainly something you should be aiming to be over the Valentines period with family and friends!

Silver Gold Plated Ring
Silver & Gold Plated Ring with Oval Olive Stone