9ct Gold Jewellery

When it comes to 9ct gold jewellery, some people say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but we happen to think that there is something better. I don’t know about you, but there has always been something about gold that has ticked my boxes more than any other type of jewellery ever could! Here at Lauryn Rose, we love gold just as much as the next person, and we have a stunning 9ct collection to prove it!

White Gold Disc Necklace
White Gold Disc Necklace

Sure, silver is beautiful, and rose gold definitely has its place in any collection, but when it comes to the best of the best, there is only one road to take, and that is the one paved with gold! With Christmas coming up, what better way to treat yourself, or treat a loved one, than with a beautiful piece of timeless 9ct gold jewellery? Before you make a decision, though, you need to make sure that you have been presented with all of the best options! Here is a sparkling spotlight on some of the most popular and beloved pieces in the Lauryn Rose 9ct gold collection.

  1. Gold Heart Disc Necklace

Sometimes the simplest and most unassuming designs are the best ones, and this is certainly the case with our gold heart disc pendant, one of the most popular pieces in our entire range. Perfect for a lover or a beloved family member, or even a best friend who you really want to show your appreciation to. If there is one thing that we are sure of, it is that the heart symbol is never going to go out of fashion, so you can be sure that you are gifting or buying for yourself a piece of gold jewellery that truly is timeless.

Gold Heart Disc
Gold Heart Disc
  1. 2-Colour Patterned Gold Heart Pendant on Trace Chain

If you want to stay with the heart theme but add a bit more detail and design ingenuity, then this two-colour gold heart pendant is the one for you. It can symbolise two halves of a partnership, one represented by the 9ct gold jewellery and the other represented by the stunning silver. The two halves come together to make a strong and long-lasting heart.

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Gold Heart Pendant
  1. Gold Bar Necklace

If personalisation is something that you are looking for in your purchase, then look no further than this sweet and simple gold bar pendant. The horizontal shape of the design makes this piece the perfect one to add your own message or name, all with the help of our completely free of charge engraving service! There is nothing better than owning a completely unique version of an item.

Luxury Jewellery
Yellow Gold Bar Necklace
  1. 2-Colour Gold Tassel Necklace And Twist Chain

One of the most original and fun pieces in our 9ct gold jewellery collection, this stunning tassel necklace is the perfect item to make your holiday season party outfits really stand out! There is something very 1920s about the tassel design, with many customers commenting that it reminds them of the flapper parties of the Great Gatsby.