Unique Christmas Gifts


Personalise it for unique Christmas gifts – Can you hear that? Listen close, that’s the unmistakable sound of jingle bells! Christmas is getting closer and closer and before you know it, you’ll be waking up on December 25thand running to the tree to open your gifts with your family! Of course, before that happy time comes, you have to go through the stress of actually organising your gift giving activities, and this is where Lauryn Rose Jewellery can swoop in to help ease your stress!

Unique Christmas Gifts

There is no doubt that jewellery is one of the best and unique gifts to both give and receive, but do you know what makes it even better? When you can gift a piece that is completely and totally unique to the recipient! Luckily for you, our free engraving service can sort you out with that very easily. If you take a look through our collection, you will see that many of the items are eligible for the free engraving service, and there aren’t many jewellery brands out there that offer this service completely free of charge!

To help spark your gift giving inspiration, here are some of the most popular Lauryn Rose pieces that are perfect for personalisation.

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White Gold Bar Necklace with Free Engraving
  1. Rose Gold Bar Necklace

Nothing is hotter in the jewellery game than rose gold right now, so stay on trend this Christmas by gifting yourself or a loved one this beautiful bar necklace. Not only is the rose gold a beautiful colour for all and any skin tone, the horizontal nature of the design makes it the perfect piece for an engraving of your choice. It’s the longest surface available for engraving on any piece in the collection, so if you are looking to add a small message or a longer, full name, then this bar necklace is the one for you!

Free Engraving Service
Rose gold Bar Necklace
  1. Sterling Silver Disc Necklace

If traditional sterling silver is more to your taste, then this simple but demure silver disc necklace is perfect. With a smaller engraving area than the horizontal necklaces, it is more appropriate for a short single name, or a date that has special significance to you. The great thing about silver jewellery is that you can be sure that it is never going to go out of style. Being gifted something in silver means that you are essentially getting a timeless accessory that will be sophisticated for your entire life!

Free Engraving
Sterling Silver Disc
  1. Yellow Gold Double Disc Adjustable Necklet

We can’t forget good old yellow gold! This geometric double disc design is really interesting but minimalistic at the same time, and this time you have two discs to work with in terms of customisation. It could be perfect for a mother who has two children, with enough room to have the birth dates of both her treasures engraved on the back of the pendant.

Free Engraving
Silver Double Disc Necklace

No matter which design you ultimately go for, the most satisfying thing is that you can be happy you are gifting someone a Christmas present that you know for sure nobody else has given them before!