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How To Avoid Mistakes When Buying Gold Jewellery

For the most part, buying jewellery is a fun and fulfilling experience, but when there is something as precious and expensive as real gold on the line, things can start to get a little more complicated! As much as we would all like to think that we experts in the field, there are literally dozens of classic mistakes that an unwitting customer can make when they are on the lookout for gold jewellery. Here at Lauryn Rose, we believe that the more educated and knowledgeable our customer community is, the better-informed decisions you will be able to make in the future. With no further ado, here are some key mistakes to avoid when buying gold jewellery.

Buying Gold Jewellery

  1. Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Don’t think that just because you are buying a bigger piece, you are getting a bigger piece! Just as in other areas of life, size doesn’t always matter! Take a look at the various designs of pieces before you make a decision, because it often works out better to select jewellery that is bang on trend than just the largest piece available.

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  1. Find Your Style

Lots of jewellery sellers will try to tell you that every single gold design will suit you, but just like clothing, makeup and anything else related to fashion and style, this just isn’t true. There is no doubting that certain shapes and styles of jewellery suit some people better than others, so it really helps if you make the time to play around and see which shapes look best on you before committing to buy. For example, if you have a slimmer neck than a pendant likeour bar necklacewould be perfect, whilst a broader shouldered woman might fare better with our curved necklace.


  1. Browse Different Stores

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that visiting just one store, either in person or online, will let you see everything that the jewellery world has to offer. Of course, there are a certain set of timeless and classic designs that are going to be repeated through collection, but brands and companies will always have a few special pieces here and there that are worth shopping around for. Some of our 9 carat collection, for example, can’t be found anywhere else!

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  1. Research

Make sure that you do your research before doing some serious gold jewellery shopping, because the more you know, the more educated your purchases will be. Learn about carats, read customer reviews of the stores, check out their insurance policies … all of the necessary things to ensure that you aren’t being taken for a ride.

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  1. Different Colours

Remember that real gold jewellery doesn’t necessarily have to be the traditional gold colour. Once you know this, you can open yourself up to many more pieces that might fit your personal style a bit better than traditional glowing gold. Gold can often come in white, rose, green, brown, and blue too!

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