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The Best Ways to Store Luxury Gold Jewellery

So, you’ve made a Lauryn Rose order, you’ve received your new beautiful piece of luxury gold jewellery, but unfortunately you can’t wear them all at the same time! The one problem that this leaves you with is how and where to store the pieces that you aren’t currently wearing! When it comes to storing and taking care luxury gold jewellery, there are lots of different and varying opinions, most of which have stemmed from a few old wives’ tales here and there!

Luxury Jewellery
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Luxury Gold Jewellery

I think we can all agree that on the whole, old wives’ tales are a bunch of old school nonsense, when it comes to doing something as important as protecting luxury jewellery, you are better off listening to the experts! As luck would have it, here at Lauryn Rose we happen to have more than a few jewellery experts on hand and ready to provide our blog readers and customers with the right advice! Here are some of the best ways to store precious jewellery.

  1. Soft Pouches

It is always a good idea to keep items of luxury gold jewellery in soft pouches, because this gives them the biggest protection against scratches and abrasion. Something like pearls, for example, can be extremely vulnerable to getting marked by other pieces in a collection, so having individual items separately in their own soft pouches will eliminate the risk of them touching together to create blemishes.

Luxury Gold Jewellery
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  1. Safe

If you own luxury gold jewellery that is particularly expensive or holds priceless sentimental value for you, then one of the most secure things you can do is lock those pieces away in a coded safe. Anything like real diamonds and real gold should always be given a little more consideration and protection than costume jewellery.

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  1. Plain Sight

If you have the reverse worry of thinking that having a safe in your home is an easy and immediate target, then you can always try hiding your luxury gold jewellery in plain sight, in places that people would never think to look! I’ve known people to hide their rings in sewing kits, a perfect place because it’s not an obvious storage location, but it still has delicate padding to protect from scratches!

Luxury Gold Jewellery

  1. Avoid Wood and Plastic

Whichever container you decide upon, you need to make sure that it isn’t lined with wood or plastic, because these surfaces are not known for being kind to delicate jewellery. Invest in a purpose made, ideally, velvet-lined jewellery box and you will never have to worry about the condition of your braceletswhen they aren’t on your wrists!

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  1. Tissue Paper

If you can’t afford a velvet lined box, then you can always limit the risk of damage by wrapping your pieces in tissue paper before storing them in a drawer or wherever you have in mind. This will protect from things like damp, fading, and scratching, and it is a super inexpensive alterative that will allow you to spend more money on the actual luxury gold jewellery!