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The Best Lauryn Rose Pieces For Free Engraved Jewellery

If you are sat here reading through our brilliant blog, then I think I can safely assume that you are one Lauryn Rose’s loyal fans and customers. Thankfully, we seem to be amassing an ever increasing number of you, and for that we are extremely grateful! This blog is a place where we can highlight some of our best promotions, pieces and services, and the service that I want to talk to everyone about today is the incredible free engraved jewellery opportunity that comes with every qualifying piece.

Free Engraved Jewellery

If the piece of jewellery that takes your fancy qualifies, then you can enjoy a personalised engraving service completely free of charge, and that is definitely something that not all retailers out there can say! Whether it’s a name, a date, initials, or something like a short message, Lauryn Rose are happy to oblige our customers in all of their personalisation needs! To help get you inspired, here are a few of our most popular jewellery pieces that qualify for the free engraved jewellery treatment.

Free Engraving
Silver Double Disc Necklace
  1. Gold Vertical Bar Necklace

One of our most popular pieces in the geometric collection, this vertical bar in gold provides something a little different than the usual engraved pieces that you might see. The vertical nature of the pendant makes for a more interesting shape, and the length is sufficient for a name, date, or short message to go either on the front side or the back side.

Free Engraved Jewellery
Gold Vertical Bar

2. Rose Gold Bar Necklace

Rose gold seems to be a trend that is here to say, it’s still just as popular now as it was when it burst back on the scene a few years ago! This horizontal design is much more traditional than the vertical, but it packs just as much of a punch in terms of style. The stunning rose gold colour makes it an extra special gift idea for something like a birthday or an anniversary or a graduation. Graduation gifts with the actual date engraved are a really nice touch and make for life long memories and souvenirs.

Free Engraving Service
Rose gold Bar Necklace
  1. Sterling Silver Disc Necklace

If you prefer rounder edges to your jewellery, then this sterling silver disc necklace is perfect. It is a simple design that will be able to stand the test of time as trends come and go, the silver colouring matches with pretty much any outfit. The smaller, circular nature of the disc pendant means that engraving a short date or a single name might be the best course of action for this particular piece, but if you are looking for something short and sweet, it’s the perfect canvas!

White Gold Disc Necklace
White Gold Disc Necklace

Our personalised free engraved jewellery is suitable for so many occasions and make a very special statement. No matter which piece you end up choosing to start your own personalisation journey, you can rest assured the the standard of quality we commit to here at Lauryn Rose will ensure that your unique jewellery arrives looking even better than you thought it would!