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Think Ahead For Christmas Gifts – Sure, we might have all only just been through one of the biggest heatwaves since records began, but that is absolutely no excuse not to start thinking about Christmas Gifts. With autumn and winter not as far away as you might like to imagine, it can never hurt to get ahead of the curve and start thinking about that big day in December. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until the last few weeks of the year to suddenly put things in motion, the earlier you start organising your festive celebrations, the less stressful the time will actually be.

Christmas in July

Think Ahead For Christmas Gifts

Here at Lauryn Rose, the Christmas period is obviously one of our busiest too, and we are only fortunate enough to be busy because we are a popular choice! This popularity is thanks to many of the different features of service that we offer, features that can come in very handy when you are trying to think ahead to the magic of Christmas day. Alongside all of the amazing gift options that we offer in terms of our jewellery, there are also lots of added benefits and perks that can make your Christmas shopping a lot easier. Here are some of the things you should consider about us when you think ahead for Christmas!

  1. Drop A Hint

If you are worried about what your partner’s plans might be for your own Christmas gifts, then you can eliminate all of the tension by sending him a few clues with our drop a hintfacility! Simply browse the Lauryn Rose site as if you were shopping, and when you see a piece that you really want, go through to the purchase page but instead of paying, click the drop a hint button and the details for the jewellery will go through to whichever email address you enter!

The Gift of Giving Back
Left to Right: Caroline McElroy from Lauryn Rose Jewellery donates €5,000 to Sarah Meagher of Lauralynn Children’s Hospice.
  1. Gift Card

Part of the joy of jewellery shopping is being able to browse for yourself, and you can add this element of the experience to your Christmas gifts giving by choosing to present a loved one with a gift cardinstead. It takes the pressure off of you in terms of picking the perfect piece, and it puts the pleasure of choice back in to the hands of your loved one! It’s a win/win situation all around!

  1. Gift Wrapping

It’s fair to say that one of the most annoying parts of Christmas gifts is the dreaded wrapping session! With a Lauryn Rose purchase, however, you don’t need to worry about that at all, because all of our products come complete with a luxury gift wrapped finish, totally free of charge! Take a look at this postto get more of an idea of the lengths we go to to make the unboxing experience a really special one. Our jewellery already comes to you ready to put underneath the tree, and all you need to do is write a tag, which leaves you more time to do the more important things like making sure that turkey is perfectly moist.

Lauryn Rose Jewellery
Gorgeous Gift Wrapping