Beautiful Jewellery


What Your Beautiful Jewellery Style Says About You

When it comes to buying beautiful jewellery, I like to think that you pick pieces that say something to you, whether you know what the thing they are saying actually is or not! Beautiful Jewellery that speaks to you on some sort of level is always going to be a better buy than jewellery that leaves you completely unmoved, but do you think that the whole process of picking and having favourites might have more to say about your personality than you thought? Here at Lauryn Rose we like to have a littler personality test fun once in while, so here is something to consider! Here is what your favourite jewellery style says about you as a person!

Beautiful Jewellery

  1. Bold And Large

Your attitude to jewellery is just the same as your general attitude to life, go big or go home! Some people can’t pull off chunky pieces with lots of mass and lots of stones, but you manage to do so because your bubbly personality perfectly compliments all of the statement pieces. You also tend to be more minimalist in your clothing choices, which allows room to show off with your bold jewellery!

Rose Gold Hematite Oval Ring

  1. Personalised

If you are a fan of personalised jewellery, it means that you have a really strong connection both to yourself and to the special people around you. Rather than having something generic, you prefer to invest in pieces of jewellery that are just as unique as your own personality. You always want something that reminds you of home. Our rose gold bar necklace is a Lauryn Rose piece that you might particularly enjoy, perfect for our free engraving service!

RoseGold Bar Necklace
RoseGold Bar Necklace
  1. Heavy Chains

Girls who prefer heavy chains and spikes to the more traditional dainty, delicate chains tend to have cheeky, rebellious sides! You don’t want to be restrained by tradition and gender roles, you prefer everything you wear to be cutting edge. You like to push boundaries in all areas of life, and your jewellery choices are just one of those ways.

Beautiful Jewellery
Yellow Gold Bar Necklace
  1. Fine Jewellery

If you are somebody who prefers to stick to the genuine precious metals like gold, then it is a clear indicator that you will only allow the finest things in to your life! Hey, if you have worked hard and can afford to treat yourself, then why shouldn’t you? You are someone who has very high self confidence, and you believe that you deserve the best. After all, what’s the point in wearing jewellery if it isn’t going to be of the luxury variety like our stunning gold pendant?

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Personalised Gold Necklaces
  1. Delicate and Dainty

If you prefer to wear dainty and delicate jewellery, then it is a sign that you are somebody who doesn’t feel the need to show off in an extravagant way. You are comfortable and confident enough in yourself to let your personality do the talking rather than your jewellery. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you don’t want a few compliments once in a while! Our delicate braceletis the perfect choice for you.