Christmas Gift


Make Shopping Easier with Our Drop A Hint Facility

Have you ever had to go through the unfortunate situation where you have been given a gift on your birthday or at Christmas that you really didn’t like? Of course, it is always the thought that counts, and you are always grateful to be given a gift, but when that gift is something like jewellery, it is important that you receive something that you are actually going to want to wear!

Make Shopping Easier

If you have a partner or a well-meaning parent who never seems to be able to get it right in the gift buying department, then there is no need to fear your special occasions anymore. We have come up with a brilliant solution! Allow us to introduce you to the Lauryn Rose ‘drop a hint’feature!

  • Let’s say you are coming up to a big birthday or a special occasion in your life, and you just happen to be browsing on the Lauryn Rose website. You see a beautiful piece of jewellery that puts a sparkle in your eye. You absolutely have to have it, but you don’t want to be totally obvious and undignified about pointing your loved one in the right direction. This is where our drop a hint facility comes in to play and make shopping easier.

Gold Costume Ring

  • Once you have found the piece of jewellery that you want to claim as your own, go ahead and add it to the basket as if you were about to purchase it for yourself.

Gold Adjustable Necklace

  • However, rather than carrying on and completing the transaction using your own cards and details, you will be able to see a ‘drop a hint’ option.
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Gold Heart Pendant
  • By choosing this option, what you will be doing is entering the email address of the person that you want to send the hint to, and they will be sent a message straight from us to their inbox, letting them in on the plan and showing them that you have decided what you want them to buy you already!

  • Once they have received the hint, all that is left for them to do is go through all of the detail giving processes and pay for the item. After that, the gift buying task is complete and all you have to do is wait for the special day to arrive when you can finally be united with your jewellery!


We have found  to be a really popular feature amongst our customers, especially when you are dealing with a parent or a partner who just doesn’t have the knack for picking out beautiful accessories like you do! It’s an easy and effective way to skirt around the potentially awkward issue of having to confront someone about what you want them to buy you. By doing it over email, you can almost pretend like it was their idea all along! The Lauryn Rose drop a hint facility: helping out clueless spouses one email at a time!