White Gold Bar Necklace


Make It Personal with Lauryn Rose Free Engraving Jewellery Service

When it comes to the world of jewellery, there is nothing better than opening a gift wrapped box to reveal a stunning new piece to add to your collection, don’t you agree? Actually, we can think of one thing better than that, and that is opening a gift wrapped box to reveal a stunning new piece to add to your collection that is COMPLETELY unique and one of a kind, something that nobody else in the entire world is going to have.

How is this possible, you ask? Easy, with the help of the completely free of charge free engraving jewellery service that we provide with every qualifying purchase here at Lauryn Rose!

Free Engraving Jewellery Service

Here is how it works. When you browse our online store, you will notice that many of the pieces are accompanied by a ‘free engraving’ banner underneath their picture. This means that the shape or size of the piece is such that it can be engraved with a name, date, or short message, and that this service can be completed absolutely free of charge upon purchase.

When you click through for more information about the item, you will be greeted with a text box in to which you can write whatever you want to be engraved on the surface. It is important to make sure that your spelling and grammar is correct when you type into this box, as what you see there will be what you see on the finished piece after the free engraving service has taken place! No spelling mistakes please! Once you are happy with what you have typed into the text box, go ahead and complete you purchase as usual and you will have done everything that you need to do.

To give you some inspiration, here are a few of our most popular pieces used for engraving.

  1. Rose Gold Bar Necklace

The popularity of rose gold continues to remain strong, and this horizontal bar necklace is a wonderful example of the ideal engraving shape. Perfect for a name or short message, the versatility of the pendant means that you can choose whether to wear your engraving facing outwards for the world to see, or inwards as a secret message just for you.

Free Engraving Jewellery Service
Rose gold Bar Necklace
  1. Sterling Silver Gold Disc Necklace

Perhaps you prefer something a little rounder in nature. If so, then our gold plated sterling silver disc pendant is perfect. More ideal for a single date than a longer message, it could be just the right kind of gift for a birthday or an anniversary, any occasion that has an especially memorable date to highlight.

Free Engraving Jewellery Service
Gold Disc Necklace
  1. Silver Double Disc Necklace

Even more interesting and unusual is our double disc design, a pendant that gives you double the engraving space! The immediate occasion that comes to mind is an anniversary for this one, perhaps one side with your original date and the other side with the date of your current anniversary, signifying for which specific anniversary the gift was given. Or maybe a date on one side and names on the other.

Free Engraving Jewellery Service
Silver Double Disc Necklace