The Symbolism Behind The Lauryn Rose Geometric Collection

If you have visited our website and browsed through our array of jewellery options, then I’m sure that you will have come across the Lauryn Rose Geometric Collection. One of our most popular ranges, the collection is a set of necklace pendants that are designed in simple, yet flattering shapes, keeping to the rules of pure geometry to achieve stunning results. To some people, our geometric pieces will be desirable simply because of their minimalistic and timelessly fashionable shape designs, but for others, there might be a much deeper and more spiritual connection to be made.

Lauryn Rose Geometric Collection

Millions of people all over the world hold the belief that different geometric shapes can have different meanings and even powers, producing different effects and vibes for the people who wear them. Whether you want to take this literally or symbolically is up to you, but we do think that it is fun and worthwhile to learn a little bit about the different kinds of meanings that the shapes we are offering can have.

Here is some of the symbolism and meaning behind the most popular and well-loved shapes in our geometric collection.

  1. Square/Rectangle

Square and rectangle shapes are known to represent stability to create a sense of conformity and equality. For these reasons it is often used in men’s jewellery designs, like rings for example, but there is no reason that women can’t enjoy stability-creating shapes in their pieces too! If you have a high-powered job and find yourself attending lots of business meetings on a regular basis, then wearing lots of square and rectangle jewellery can provide you with that extra air of professionalism and inner strength that will help you get what you want.

Yellow Gold Bar Necklace
Yellow Gold Bar Necklace
  1. Circle

Unsurprisingly, the circle shape is seen as representing things like unity, infinity and continuity. It is a shape that brings comfort to the wearer, making them feel protected and included. Round geometric shapes tend to give off a much more welcoming and relaxed vibe, which makes it the perfect choice for when you go out on a date or want to come across as calm and understanding. Some people feel that wearing circular jewellery means that your energy is locked inside yourself, meaning that you have a better attitude throughout the day.

Yellow Gold Disc Necklace

  1. Triangle

The triangle is seen as one of the most powerful geometric shapes. It has become linked with things like strength, resilience and positive power. Upward pointing triangles represent strong foundations, whilst downward pointing triangles give off vibes of staying grounded and in touch with both yourself and the earth. To cover your bases, you can’t go wrong with wearing two triangle pendants together, one that points upwards and one that points downwards. Not only does is look great in a fashion sense, but if you believe in the spiritual power of shapes, you will have all your bases covered.