The Gift of Giving Back


The Gift of Giving Back

I think we can all agree that shopping and treating yourself to a few special items every now and then is one of the greatest pleasures in life. If you are lucky and fortunate enough to be able to buy luxuries and non-essentials on a regular basis, then you should absolutely make yourself as happy and content as you can. However, don’t you agree that this feeling of happiness and contentment could be multiplied by one hundred percent if you knew that your purchases were having a positive impact far beyond your own life?

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Well, we are happy to say that here at Lauryn Rose, many of the purchases that you make certainly do have a positive effect outside of your immediate satisfaction. We have a long standing and wonderful relationship with the Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice. Allow us to tell you a little bit more about how you doing a bit of shopping can improve the lives of people you don’t even know.

The Gift of Giving Back

It’s as simple as this. Whenever you make a purchase of Lauryn Rose jewellery online, a total of ten percent of the proceeds we receive from your transaction goes directly to the Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice. We are living through some tough political times today, with controversy and disagreement occurring in governments all over the world. It’s important, now more than ever, that we strive to retain our humanity, and giving to charity is a wonderful way to do this.

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It’s fair to say that us regular people don’t always have the opportunity to both buy things for ourselves and have enough left over to give to those in need, and that is why our partnership with Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice is so perfect. You are essentially giving money to charity at the same time as being able to treat yourself!

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Ten percent of your own single purchase might not seem like much on its own, but when you think about the fact that every single Lauryn Rose customer is doing the same thing, that small amount can quickly turn in to a large amount, and at the end of the day, any amount is better than nothing! We can come home from work every day with the satisfaction that we know our amazing customers have helped to better the lives and situations of lots of families, all because you like to buy pretty things.

10% of all sales of the Think of Me Charm will be donated to the Laura Lynn Foundation <>

We are super proud to be able to do our small but to help the Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice, and we hope that you are too. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!