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How to Wear Lauryn Rose Jewellery with Summer 2018’s Hottest Fashion Trends

Anyone with a keen interest in fashion will know that trends come and go faster than you get to grips with! From one summer to the next, what is hot and what is not can be completely reversed, and us humble fashion followers just have to do our best to keep up with the rich and famous of the world!

Hottest Fashion Trends

If you care enough to keep up with the changing fashion trends month by month, the it’s pretty safe to assume that you also care about how your jewellery and other accessories can be incorporated in to the new on-trend looks. Here at Lauryn Rose we like to keep an eye on all areas of fashion, we might specialise in jewellery, but we know full well that without looking in to all the latest trends, we can’t appeal to customers who are looking for the next big thing in fashion!

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Let’s take a look at some of the hottest fashion trends for summer 2018, and then we’ll talk about how to wear Lauryn Rose jewellery to complement them perfectly!

  • Crayola Colours

This summer it is all about big and bold colours, the kind of colours that you would expect to see in a box of Crayola crayons! Yellows, reds, blues and greens … big vibrant statement colours that can really pop in the sunshine. If you want to look for a celebrity who is doing it right, then nobody can rock a bold colour better than Victoria Beckham!

Hottest Fashion Trends
Each ruby and peridot item is made with 40 hand-set stones
and placed in a sterling silver halo, ringed by a castle of diamond stones.

For a bold fashion statement like Crayola colours, it’s always best to offset it with some more demure jewellery. Anything silver will be perfect to accent the vibrant colours of the garment, so something like this simple sterling silver disc necklaceis perfect.

  • Wool Blazers

The trend for wool blazers this season is bringing country fabric and city style together in a really great way. You only need to look at Cate Blanchett in the recent Ocean’s 8 movie to understand why this look is going to be so massive in 2018. The more tailored the garment is to your personal shape, the better!

Hottest Fashion Trends
Ruby Pendant as part of Lauryn Rose Summer Cocktail Collection

Wool blazers can sometimes give off a boxy, chunky vibe, so why not go all out and wear some big and bold accessories to go along with it? This amazing amethyst flower ringis the definition of a statement piece. You’ll be catching people’s eyes wherever you go!

  • Check Print

Check print has its on years and its off years, and 2018 is most definitely an on year. From check boyfriend shirts to more Alexander McQueen style check trouser suits and dresses, the more tartan fantasy you have in your life this summer, the better!

Hottest Fashion Trends
Leading Stylist looking cool in cocktail.

When there is so much pattern going on thanks to the check, you want to focus more on earrings to match the style level on your head! Thesecut out bead gold drop earringsare impossibly intricate for their size, perfect to accent the look overall.